6 cool actresses with imperfect appearance

Jesse Eisenberg and Seth Rogen have already come to the place of cool guys with chiseled faces. It’s time for girls who don’t try to fit into standards and remain themselves: fat, with big or small breasts, with the appearance of a sad Jewish boy (Gaby Hoffmann), a neighbor's girlfriend (Amy Schumer) or a woman with a harsh prison past (Lena Dunham) . Against the background of stamped Hollywood beauties (can you seriously distinguish Margot Robbie from Amber Heard?) They are diamonds of naturalness.

Let's talk about the actresses, whose appearance is not ideal, but who have plenty of talent, charm and sense of humor.

Amy Schumer: Girl Off

6 klassnykh aktris s neidealnoj vneshnostyu

The humor of the stand-comedian Amy Beth Schumer knows no bounds. She speaks easily and funny about racism and homophobia, describes cases in the toilet room and her mom's intimate haircut, mentions sexually transmitted diseases and reads pussy easily, for the first time not “battered” by Comedy Central.

Amy is outrageous, frank, witty.The breakthrough for her was her own sketch-show "Inside Amy Schumer", and very soon a feature film with Amy starring "Girl Without Complexes" was released. The 34-year-old comedian herself wrote the script for the film, and the director of the comedies was John Appatou.

Melissa McCarthy: Boy Baba

6 klassnykh aktris s neidealnoj vneshnostyu 2

Melissa - one of the best, if not the best comedians of modern cinema. It has the ability to cause not only laughter, but also tears, and sometimes even simultaneously. Many people noticed and fell in love with her after the hilarious “Bachelorette Party in Vegas,” where McCarthy played the manly bridesmaid so much that she was nominated for an Oscar.

Those who doubt the Fat’s right to exist are recommended to review the series “Mike and Molly”. “Catch a fat woman if you can”, “Cops in skirts”, a wonderful “Spy” - Melissa once again proves that in order to be funny, it is not necessary to be attractive in the first place.

And we very much look forward to the reboot of the cult "Ghostbusters" with the female composition that is coming out in 2016. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Uig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones will play the main roles.

Lena Dunham: neurotic hipster

6 klassnykh aktris s neidealnoj vneshnostyu 3

Much of what the author of “Girls” does is based on autobiographical material. Therefore, it is easy to imagine that her "cases with exposure" (which series of "Girls" does without Dunham's petticoat) is an attempt to defend herself, to defend her body. With other complexes and failures of a girl with a not very attractive appearance, Lena also fights with abandon. "Girls" in general can pass for the therapy, "arrangement according to Hellinger", for example. Lena is frank, everyone would learn.

Melanie Linsky: Disheveled Housewife

6 klassnykh aktris s neidealnoj vneshnostyu 4

This lovely New Zealand was discovered by her compatriot Peter Jackson, taking off Linsky as a teenager along with the same young Kate Winslet in the film "Heavenly Creatures." The film helped Jackson to leave the category of directors, shooting horror films, and Melanie with Kate gave a great start to an acting career.

The heroine Melanie walked in blouses with creepy roses and lovingly hunted for Charlie Sheen in the TV series "Two and a Half Men". Her heroine was restored after a divorce in the parental home in the comedy “Hello, I have to go” and fell in love with a nineteen-year-old actor for therapeutic purposes.Her heroine made friends with her husband's drinking and depressive sister (Anna Kendrick) in Joe Swanberg's sad indie comedy “Merry Christmas”.

Melanie is charming and funny, always a little disheveled, always a little "housewife, gone shopping." The role of the housewife goes so well for her that the Duplasse brothers chose her for this role in the excellent TV series Togetherness. Next year starts the second season, do not miss.

Gabi Hoffmann: sad ugly girl

6 klassnykh aktris s neidealnoj vneshnostyu 5

English, German, Irish, Spanish, and even Puerto Rican blood flows in her blood, and in the eyes stands universal sadness. Gaby could play Frieda Kahlo with little or no makeup, but she was cast in the film “The Field of His Dreams” (won the Young Actor Award), appeared in the TV series “Girls” and “Louis”, played the girlfriend Reese Witherspoon in the movie “Wild”.

One of the most recent, cutest roles of Gaby is the strange undecided girl, the daughter of an elderly transgender who was brilliantly played by Jeffrey Tambor (“Obvious”).

Shiri Appleby: a beauty who scored on herself

6 klassnykh aktris s neidealnoj vneshnostyu 6

Shirley - handsome, but she got to this list thanks to a successful role in the fresh TV series “Unreal” (Un-Real).The actress plays Rachel, the producer of a reality show similar to "Bachelor", where girls are fighting for the heart of a handsome aristocrat. Rachel - a brilliant manipulator and workaholic with a neglected appearance. She is constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, lives in a trailer, seldom bathes and walks rasstepa.

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