50 Delightful Garden Bridges

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There is nothing more relaxing than a walk in your beautiful garden, which is filled with lush greenery. For many of us who are stuck in the worldly rush of city life, surrounded by glass and concrete, this is a really refreshing breath of air. But the stunning landscape includes much more than just greenery, if there is a stream or even an artificial pond on your site, then you simply have to add such a key element as a decorative bridge! Take a look at the50 garden bridgesthat will certainly inspire you.

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Bridges in small gardens.

When it comes to garden bridges, space is certainly not a limitation. Even in the smallest gardens there is a place for a tiny bridge, which will be a highlight. A small artificial stream with natural rocks will complement the overall look. Many small bridges without railings can be built with a limited budget, they will become excellent decorative elements on your site.

Japanese style bridges.

Japanese bridges are incredibly popular around the world and their distinguishing feature is the arched design. Even modern and rustic garden landscapes can be complemented by similar designs.

Classic stone bridges.

Not a fan of the Japanese style? Then what about these beautiful stone bridges that reflect the European charm of an era of the past? Stone bridges really seem fascinating in combination with lush greenery, a noisy stream and rocks that turn the garden into a scene from a fairy tale.You can use just a couple of stone slabs to create a simple bridge for a small urban garden.

Bridges with stunning scenery.

Garden bridges emphasize the style of the garden to which you aspire. The area where the garden bridge will be located is not a key task in its creation, but leaves a significant effect after its creation.

Bright bridges in the garden.

How to turn your wooden garden bridge into a dazzling element of decor that attracts the attention of your guests almost instantly? Color, of course! Red is a favorite for garden bridges in Japanese gardens.

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