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How to Edit Audio

Five Methods:

Digital audio editing technology has created many ways to edit audio. While professional studios use specialized equipment such as studio microphones and mixing boards to create sounds of higher quality, basic editing can be done quite easily with just a virtual studio installed on a home computer. The basic features of the sound editing software remain the same.


Installing Sound Studio Software

  1. Install a software that can edit sound on your computer.You can purchase a CD or download the program from the Internet and just follow the steps in the installation guide for that program. There are many programs available but here are some of the popular ones that you may want to choose from.

Recording Features

  1. Record audio by connecting a microphone as the input device on your computer (almost all computers have a microphone in port).You can do advanced recording using the following features.
    • Record on multi-tracks if you have a computer with more than 1 microphone port.
    • Dub over other tracks by recording a new track while the tracks that have already been recorded play in the background.

Transferring Audio Files

  1. Import and export audio files easily by connecting your computer to external devices via USB.Most sound editing programs allow you to import and export in various formats, including AIFF, OGG VORBIS, WAV and most popularly MP3.

Editing Features

  1. Edit recorded or transferred audio files using an audio editing software.Every software has its own unique set of features to edit audio but here are the most common ones.
    • Copy and paste parts of a track to rearrange the composition.
    • Delete unwanted tracks or parts of a track.
    • Mix tracks together by adjusting volume levels of tracks individually.

Using Effects

  1. Add digital effects to your audio tracks to enhance the sound of the instruments or vocals.Most virtual studio software offers the following effects.
    • Pitch change: to give the track a higher or lower pitch.
    • Noise reduction or removal: this reduces or removes hissing and other unwanted background noise.
    • Echo, Flanger, Delay and other similar effects that repeat or shift the time of notes to make them sound fuller.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    How can I fix an audio recording that has too much background noise without affecting vocals?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    To do that in Audacity specifically, you have to select a part of the video where you don't speak, then go to "Effect." Next choose "Noise reduction," and click "Get noise profile." Then you use CTRL+A to select all of the recording, and go again into "Noise reduction" and click "OK." Be sure you have selected "Reduce."
  • Question
    How can I choose one section of a voice recording file?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    If you want to keep the track you're working on unchanged, you select the section you need to extract, then you go to Edit--> Copy and open a new file in File. Then paste that file in.
  • Question
    How do I remove the noise that sounds like somebody is walking on plastic, and how do I fix voices that are too close to the microphone?
    Matthew Weil
    Community Answer
    You either have to resize the length of the microphone to reach a point, or you have to record while they are away.
  • Question
    How do I play an existing audio file and record voice along with it so that I have a new audio with my vocals and the background track?
    Community Answer
    You can try using screencasting software that allows you to record sound from multiple sources simultaneously. Some of the programs are Movavi Screen Capture Studio, My Screen Recorder, Debut, and others.
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  • Can people certify if an audio cd has been edited?
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  • Most programs have a Help menu where you can learn more about the program's features and benefits. Even if there is no Help menu you can usually find many review and short video tutorials online to learn more about the software.

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