5 truths about healthy lifestyles that marketers distorted

Now literally from every iron they talk about a healthy lifestyle. It seems that after being addicted to bad habits that have been relevant for the last decades, this new interest is just heavenly manna and sheer goodness, but not so simple. In principle, as in any other case, the adage “teach the fool to pray to God is important here, he will even pierce his forehead,” that is, everything is good in moderation, but there may also be pitfalls for a reasonable approach.

To live to a ripe old age healthy and happy, physicians say, it is possible without fanaticism from healthy lifestyles. Especially, from the one that is being promoted now - it turns out, half of the rules of the fashionable lifestyle are dictated by marketers!

№1 No need to gag on liters of water

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The fact that a day, in addition to juices, soups, compotes and other liquids, you need to drink 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water, said ... manufacturers of bottled water! It’s just an advertising move that people around the world picked up with pleasure, filling their well-earned owners of wells and factories.

First, the body itself knows how much it wants to drink.There are water-biting people, and there are those who have enough water per day, and both of these cases, which are different from the norm, are not harmful.

Secondly, the most active fat burning occurs just with mild dehydration during exercise, but doctors do not advise to abuse it - it is fraught with consequences.


# 2 Woman and Alcohol - Compatible

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If we are talking about microdoses of alcohol, all studies show, then it is beneficial for the body, and not only for men, as previously thought. Recent experiments conducted at Harvard University, led to an unexpected result: 15-30 grams of alcohol for women after 50 are very useful. 2 tablespoons of red wine a day will slow down the aging process and allow the body to cope with stress.


No. 3 Vitamins - Doubtful Benefit

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Tableted vitamins, which advertise at every step as a concentrated life-giving force, are released without a prescription and are generally praised in every way, in fact, is not such a gold.

To begin with, not all of them, derived synthetically, are generally perceived by the body. The same ascorbic, for example, is perceived by doctors very doubtfully,since most studies show that vitamin C is absorbed by the body only in its natural form, and outdoors it is destroyed in 10 minutes.

And then, the uncontrolled intake of vitamins can lead to hypervitaminosis, which is no less harmful than the lack of substances.


№4 HLS does not prolong life

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Studies of long-livers have shown that most of the venerable elders either still have or have recently had bad habits, and have, on the contrary, ignored sport throughout their lives. Of course, there is no such genetics that could not be destroyed by overeating, laziness and bad habits, but it will not work with a longer life than measured.


№5 Nitrates do not kill

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Again, we are talking only about substances approved by the Ministry of Health in the permitted doses. Natural nitrates are also useful (it does not apply to chemicals). Nitrosamine, a substance that goes into digestion along with nitrates, improves the saturation of tissues with oxygen, so that natural compounds are recommended for use in senile dementia.

ECO-products, which are more expensive than usual several times, are no more useful.Moreover, in the Russian Federation and most other countries, farming and agricultural business is a risky business, so growing vegetables without chemicals is basically impossible.

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