5 good series of good books

Most films based on the novels are more dull than the original novel. The book is always deeper, more detailed, more significant. There are exceptions like “Shawshank Escape”, but they are few. How are things with serials? We picked up the top five television projects that are no worse than the books on which they are based.


British film adaptation of the novel The Call of the Cuckoo by Joan Rowling, who took the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

Homeless but handsome veteran of the Afghan war, Cormoran Strike works as a private detective. One day, he is approached by the brother of a famous model, who rushed from the roof. According to the relative, the girl did not commit suicide, as the official version of the police says, but she became a victim of someone. Cormoran Strike, along with charming secretary Robin, is slowly but surely following the trail.
Perhaps Tom Burke (he played Dolohov in the American film adaptation of War and Peace) is too pretty for the role of a harsh detective. However, with a weekly bristle, slightly gaining weight and with an amputated leg (according to the plot), he seems to be more unhappy and darker, as his hero should be.

"Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams"

The series is an anthology based on the works of American science fiction writer Philip Dick.

Episodes of the ten-series project are complete stories that are not related to each other. In the first series, the grim utopian world is inhabited by people and telepaths living in the ghetto. Once on the streets, people appear in eerie hoods that block the ability to penetrate into thoughts. The search for a dangerous hoodie engaged police officer (Richard Madden) and the girl telepathka (Holliday Granger). The story will end tragically and will provide an opportunity to reflect on the fact that the “others” are different for each of us.
There will be ten episodes in the series. In each new series - famous acting names: Brian Cranston, Steve Buscemi, Vera Farmiga, Anna Paquin.

"The story of the maid"

The screen version of the book of the Canadian writer Margaret Atwood.

In the near future, the world is ruled by the military, people are divided into classes, and women are not entitled to anything other than housekeeping and having children. Some women, among them the heroine Elizabeth Moss, serve only as incubators, carrying children for the families of the commanders.
At Emmy-2017, The Handmaid's Tale was the best drama series,actress Elizabeth Moss was chosen as the best dramatic actress, the series received statuettes for directing, screenplay, best supporting actress (Ann Dowd) and best guest actress (Alexis Bledel).
The dystopia about the militaristic Republic of Gilead adds to perception what the book lacks: a suffocating, like a powdered, image in which only the cloaks of female maids burn with bright spots.

"American Gods"

The series, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman.

In the center of the confrontation between the old and the new gods, Shadow Moon (or Shadow Moon, as the name is translated) turns out to be a former fraudster who entered the service of a mysterious gentleman named Mr. Wednesday. It would seem, why dive into the center of the conflict of a mere mortal? Moon has his own goal: if he does everything right, his lost wife will rise again.
Screenshots of one of the best novels Neil Gayman waited with all his might, however, the series met only partially expectations. Plus - for the dark atmosphere and a fantastic picture. Minus - for the crumpled plot.

"Game of Thrones"

Epic series based on the cycle of novels "A Song of Ice and Flame" by George R. R. Martin.

The first seasons were filmed based on written works, then the series and books went nostril into the nostril, and now it is completely incomprehensible what is born first and conducts the action forward - a script or a novel.
The series “The Game of Thrones” and the cycle of novels A Song of Ice and Flame became self-valuable phenomena of modern culture. When Leonid Parfenov will describe our time in the next edition of "The Other Day", both without a book and without a series there is no way.
“The Game of Thrones” is also imprinted in the minds of the millennials, like the “Santa Barbara” among adults who grew up in the 90s.

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