5 books from childhood, which is nice to re-read by adults

In summer, many nostalgic people are rolling in a wave of nostalgia, for once we all went to the camps at that time, spent whole days on the street, or spent several hours with a book that could not be torn off our ears. Books that are designed for children, read and now useful, because they are bright, funny, and their pages are full of amazing adventures, magic and valuable life tips.

"Treasure Island"

"Treasure Island" Robert Louis Stevenson

The plot of the adventure novel of the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson is remembered by almost everyone. But the plot is nothing without the atmosphere that Stevenson transmits as if he was courting the Admiral Benbow inn and maybe even held a terrifying black mark in his hands. Young Jim Hawkins finds himself in a whirlpool of events and almost always becomes their catalyst. But who of those who read "Treasure Island" did not dream of being in his place, next to the vigorous Dr. Livesey and the infernal captain Silver? ..

Dr. Livesey: If you do not stop drinking, you will soon save the world from one of the most vile bastards!
John Silver: Let the one who has enough spirit take out his dirk, and I, albeit on a crutch, will see what color his offal is before this tube goes out!


"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" by JK Rowling

Novels by JK Rowling about the young wizard Harry Potter - an exciting reading for children and adults. Rowling invented a fantastic universe that was easy to imagine, and a hero who became a literary archetype. An orphan living with unsympathetic relatives becomes the star of the school of wizards, an opponent of the great dark magician Volan de Mort, the favorite of fair Dumbledore and all the time gets involved in extraordinary adventures. Harry Potter is not just a boy from a book. He is a symbol and code, like Marilyn Monroe. Only instead of a fluttering dress with a flared skirt he has round glasses and a zipper scar.

Hat: I see a lot of courage ... still a good mind, there is a talent, oh yeah ... and an indomitable desire to show yourself. Where to define you?
Harry: Only not Slytherin ... Only not Slytherin ...

"Little trolls and a big flood"

“Little trolls and big floods” by Tove Jansson

This and other books about touching creatures similar to the little hippopotamuses described by Tuve Jansson have forever taken their place in the world of children's literature. The universe of the Moomin trolls and their friends, as well as the bitches of Morra, independent hatifnatov and boring hemuleas - a model of our world, and each of us can find ourselves there. Many of them want to be mummies, who are hospitable and like to travel, follow the changes of nature and occasionally philosophize.

- Who you are? - asked the animal.
"I am Moomin," said Moomin, who had already become brave again. - And this is my mom. I hope we did not stop you? (It is clear that mymy-troll's mom taught him to be polite.)
“Please don't worry,” the animal replied. - I was sitting here in a terrible melancholy and so wanted to meet someone. Are you in a hurry?

"Legends and Myths of Ancient Greece"

"Legends and Myths of Ancient Greece" Nikolai Kun

The book of Nikolai Kun, which for several generations in a row acquainted with the amorous adventures of Zeus, the exploits of Hercules, the prodigal antics of Tantalus, the tragic history of Demeter and the adventures of the Argonauts. It is always useful to update the ancient Greek mythology in memory, because world culture is growing from there. Especially since some scenes are able to surpass the "Game of Thrones".

The gods understood what Tantalus was offering them, and none of them even touched this terrible dish. Only Demeter, who was still grieving for her Persephone and did not notice anything around, ate the shoulder of the young Pelops

"The Adventures of Vasya Kurolesov"

“The Adventures of Vasya Kurolesov” by Yuri Koval

Humorous detective Yuri Koval about how the village boy Vasya helped to catch a gang of fraudsters to the police. For "Vasya Kurolesov" it is worth reading the follow-up books: "Five abducted monks" and "The slip of Citizen Loshakov," and then go on to the most large-scale work by Koval "Suer-Vier".

Vasya Kurolesov, who was planning to purchase piglets on the market, discovers a shabby red dog in the bag. So begins the story in which Vasya deserves the respect of the village militiamen. The book is a concentrate of mischievous humor and bright images, unusual metaphors and summer village life, for every moment of which Koval finds his special word. And even Koval's footnotes are funny:

Safe. An iron cabinet that does not burn in a fire, unlike other cabinets that burn. But other cabinets in the water do not sink, in contrast to this.
Gramophone. A music box like a player.Gramophone give birth, like a truck, a special handle.
Ide. Gilded fish with red fins. When buds burst on birch trees, the ide comes to the surface of the river, grabs the May beetles, which fall into the water.

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