200 ml is how much?

Anna Yaroshenko
Anna Yaroshenko
March 30, 2015
200 ml is how much?

Many cooking lovers love to experiment with recipes, the preparation of which is necessary to observe the proportions of the proposed ingredients. Those who have a kitchen scale can measure out the right amount of any product, but what if there is no such device in the house? For example, the recipe says that you need to take 200 ml - this is how much is obtained, and how to calculate the required amount? Let's talk about this in more detail.

What can measure 200 ml?


Measure out 200 ml will help items that are in your household items. In this case, come to the aid of a tablespoon, which is convenient to make measurements. It is known that a tablespoon can hold 20 ml of milk. Therefore, to get 200 ml, you will need to work a large spoon 10 times.

In the case of water, the numbers vary slightly, so 18 ml is placed in one spoon. On this basis, we must add 11 full spoons to the dish, plus a few drops. The same situation is with vinegar - it will take as much as water, if you need to scoop a tablespoon.


If there was a cut glass at hand, you can be considered lucky. Why? The fact is that the glass contains 200 ml. This means that you do not have to work long. It is enough to pour one glass of water, milk, vinegar or other liquid to receive the necessary 200 ml. According to many housewives, the glass - the most convenient option for measuring the liquid.


Glasses in the vicinity is not observed, and get 200 ml of the product you need by all means? In this case, you come to the aid of the usual plate. It is known that the soup contains 500 ml. From this it follows that the same amount of milk, vinegar or water will fit in it. But we need 200 ml, not 500, so we have to fill the plate in the amount of slightly less than half. With such a simple calculation, it is impossible to make a mistake, so you get the right amount of ingredient without problems.


Another way out is a tea mug. To get 200 ml, you need to determine how much liquid fits in such a container. Based on mathematical calculations, these are 2/3 circles (since the volume of a standard circle is 300 ml). Therefore, you need to take an incomplete mug to get 200 ml.

Now you know what to do if you need 200 ml of liquid to prepare a dish, and you can easily make measurements even without special tools.

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