18 photos that everything is not as it seems.

There are lots of wonderful photos on the Internet, but when you looked at them, did you think about how these masterpieces were created? No, no, we are not talking about the legendary Photoshop. And about the work of professionals who for the sake ofperfect shotcapable of anything: both in fire and in water. What kind of fantasy is needed to create such fantastic shots!"Blackberry"admires skilled craftsmen and their talent.

The Art of Photography

1. It turned out that this is just a model!

The Art of Photography2. So create a fairy tale

how to create photos3. Surrealistic miniature photography

The Art of Photography4. Wedding photo

wedding photo5. M & m’s and water droplets

how to make cool photos

6. Burning lava

burning lava photo7. Mimishnost in the work of the photographer

fox photo8. The work process occurs at a depth of 25 meters near the sunken ship.

underwater shooting9. The Underwater Dog

dog under water10. Another wedding

wedding photo11. This is how it actually happens!

follow me12. I do not even know which of them is the worst!

shooting on the rock13. Levitation

levitation photo14. The Mirror Lake

mirror lake photo15. And how beautiful!

levitation photo16. So create advertising spirits

advertising perfume photos17. Underwater shooting

underwater shooting18. As you can see, photographers have to make sacrifices!

wedding photoHow different pictures from different angles. Now you understand that it is impossible to become a master by simply buying a camera. It is necessary to stand on the hot lava, and run through the puddles, and if you have to, then lie down there.Novice photographersThis collection is very useful! If there are such among your friends, then rather share with themtrue shots.

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