12 unexpected examples of how to use ice molds in a new way.

In addition to the main task, there can be many other ice cakes. Did you know that with their help you can save eggs, make nutritional mixtures and even sort jewelry? Let's get acquainted with the 12th most creative ways how to use a simple mold for ice.

Lemon Cubes

This is a good way to stock up on lemon or lime juice. Such cubes can be added to tea, sauce, used as cosmetic ice - depending on the lemon juice concentrate in each cube (pure or diluted with water).

Scrub cubes

Cosmetic ice is an excellent foundation for home care products. For example, make a sugar scrub and freeze it. Take out the cubes as needed.

Fresh berries cubes

Berries ripen around the same time, and so want to save them for a longer period! You can do this by freezing them in ice tins.By the way, by adding a little melted chocolate, you can make a wonderful dessert.

Sauce Cubes

It is best to freeze it in silicone forms. For further use, the sauce (pesto, tomato, bechamel, etc.) should be reduced to the thickest consistency and poured into molds. In the future, you only need to dilute it with water or broth.

Tea and coffee cubes

The same goes for drinks. Boil strong coffee or tea, freeze it and reach for it as needed.

Wine cubes

If there is very little wine left on the bottom, freeze it to add to sauces, cocktails and other beverages in the future.

Organizer for jewelry

If you have accumulated a lot of jewelry, you can use the ice form as an organizer. It is actually very convenient!

Fruit cubes for smoothies and cocktails

This is a very useful way to process fruits before they disappear. Mix your favorite fruit / berries with yogurt or milk, freeze the mixture in tofu. In the future, get a few things.

Tomato cubes

Dried tomatoes can be prepared for future use by making cubes of them.Such tomato paste will be many times more natural and tastier than the one bought at the store.

Cubes with greens

The best way to preserve spicy herbs is to freeze them with water, oil, or some kind of decoction. In the future, these herbal cubes with parsley, rosemary, basil, cumin, sage can be used as an additive in sauces.

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