10 stories that confirm that good will win

September 21 is the International Day of Peace. We have selected the most touching stories of mercy and compassion on this occasion.

Just read them and ... smile. And always remember that good happens every second.

Grandpa Dobre helped orphanages

 good stories
Grandpa Dobre loved children very much
Photo: Facebook

This story is about doing good deeds without huge financial capitals.

Dobre Dimitrov Dobrev, known as Grandfather Dobre, lived in the village of Baylovo in Bulgaria, led an ascetic lifestyle and devoted all his time to charity. He collected alms, put a coin to the coin, and when he had an impressive amount of money, he gave it to the poor and children's shelters.

At first, few knew about the Good, but then he became a real celebrity. However, despite the attention of the press, grandfather did not give an interview and did not want to talk about his affairs. The elder died in February 2018 in the 104th year of life, forever preserving his memory.

Justin Timberlake made a gift to an autistic boy

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Some time ago, 8-year-old Julian, an autistic, came to the concert of singer Justin Timberlake. The ticket for the show was a birthday present for the child. After all, he loves Justin!

The boy was so pleased with this event that he could not restrain his emotions. In the auditorium, he jumped and loudly repeated: “This is my birthday! My birthday! This is my gift! ”At this moment, the people sitting in front supported the child and started shouting to the singer to make him pleasant to Julian and congratulated him on the stage. The singer, having heard the crowds of the crowd, talked to a little fan, and then, together with the audience, sang “Happy Birthday” for him.

“At that moment, Julian looked so happy that I could not hold back the tears,” the child’s mother told reporters later. “My hands shook when Justin Timberlake and people played the most touching version of Happy Birthday for my son that I’ve ever heard in my life.” Also, the woman shared that she could not imagine that everyone would support Julian. She thought that the behavior of her boy would only annoy others, but everything turned out exactly the opposite.

Touching greetings from Justin Timberlake eyewitnesses from the audience filmed on camera.

Runner helped injured rival

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Victory is a victory, but human qualities are still the most precious thing. For example, in 2012, at the athletics competitions in the United States, in Ohio, 17-year-old runner Megan Vogel helped one of the competitors, with her leg, reach the finish line.

It happened on the last leg of the race. One of the athletes was injured, Megan Vogel could not run past, she put her shoulder and helped the victim to overcome the distance.

Of course, both girls came last, and, accordingly, did not receive any awards. But they set a good example and proved that goodness and mercy are possible even in sports.

Grandmother Lilian sewed dresses for African girls

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Recently, everyone on the Internet discussed the incredible deed of grandmother Lillian Webber from Code, Iowa, who, having heard about the terrible situation in African countries (or rather, about orphans who need clothing, started sewing dresses for them). An elderly woman took time every day to make clothes for girls.And according to individual sketches, so that each one feels special. According to the latest data, Webber sent more than 800 dresses to Africa.

Keanu Reeves has become a friend of the homeless.

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One day, actor Keanu Reeves was spotted on a cardboard with a homeless on a street in New York. To the journalists' question “What are you doing here?” The Hollywood star did not answer.

It turns out that the actor just passed by and, seeing a beggar, decided to talk to him. So stayed for the night on the street.

“We just talked all night, and then he gave me money. He promised that we will meet again. Keanu is a very good man, I have never met such people, ”the homeless man then shared with the press.

The act of Keanu Reeves is worthy of respect. After all, in fact, we are all human and all are equal. Agree, to understand and share the trouble, but not to condemn, can not each of us.

A policeman bought shoes for an unknown

Photo: Facebook

This photo was taken with a hidden camera. New York policeman Larry Deprimo saw a barefoot homeless man on the street, approached him, talked and left ...

After a while, Larry returned with brand new shoes bought at the store opposite. The poor man thanked the good cop and wept.

Eyewitnesses who took this touching moment on camera, the next day sent a picture with Larry to the police department. Employees identified and published this story in social networks.

Angelina Jolie helped the fan

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Actress and director Angelina Jolie arrived in New York for the premiere of her film with a noticeable delay. In front of the entrance to the building where the event took place, a celebrity was awaiting a crowd of journalists and fans. One of the girls, seeing Jolie a meter away, was so agitated that she fainted ... Angelina, noticing this, approached her and sat down beside her. She asked how she was doing, learned her name, and then made a funny selfie with her.

It seems that the act of Jolie - a pleasant trifle, so would anyone who has a little compassion. But after all on such pleasant trifles all our life also is under construction.

"She is the best. I adore her. Thanks for everything, ”a joyful fan wrote to Instagram.

Football players fulfilled the dream of a boy with Down syndrome

Photo: Facebook

This photo at one time has become one of the most popular on the network. On it are guys from the Michigan football team "Dexter" and a boy with Down syndrome. The latter was entrusted to open the evening game.

The child wanted to meet his favorite team so much that he wrote a letter to the sports club. Football players not only supported him, but also invited to play with them. All the emotions and happiness of the boy - on his face.

School children abandoned expensive clothes to help children

Photo: Facebook

In 2013, pupils of the gymnasium in Pirot in Serbia staged a campaign “Your five minutes of brilliance can cost someone's life”, during which they refused to buy clothes for a graduation party to help seriously ill children.

As a result, they managed to collect more than 310 thousand dinars (about 2,750 euros).

The guys wanted to become an example for the next generation and show that the appearance is completely unimportant. The main thing is to be necessary and useful.

Johnny Depp in the image of Jack Sparrow called the sick girl

Photo: Getty Images

Once Johnny Depp received a letter from the girl's father, who for a long time could not get better after the accident. In the letter, the man said that the child’s only desire was to talk to Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The actor decided to do a good deed. He called the baby and in the voice of Jack Sparrow wished her a speedy recovery.

Surprisingly, after the call the girl became better.She began to move her sore foot, and after a while she recovered completely.

The child's joyful father thanked Depp from the pages of The Sun.

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