10 shock images from weeks of fashion in Milan and London

Surprisingly, this year Milan Fashion Week turned out to be extravagant and bolder (if not crazier) than London Fashion Week, and even the usual shocking Alexander McQueen show turned out to be more like a series of floral-lace evening dresses in Tom Ford aesthetics. It seems that this time the “pole of madness” clearly shifted to the south, and there were so many kitsch on the Milan catwalks that we just could not miss this and chose the most outstanding images from the Italian fashion week, and left for a bit of fashionable extremism from Of london

Singe glamor from Moschino

The Moschino show turned out to be the most spectacular at Milan Fashion Week, if not in the whole fashion season. After working out the first part of the show in the style already familiar to Moschino with leather coats and satin bow skirts, in the final Jeremy Scott prepared a burning surprise for the guests - the models came out on the catwalk in dresses with burned edges, which also continued to smoke ...

Moschino, autumn-winter 2016/2017

Military Sailors at Prada

Every year it is getting easier to copy ideas from Miuccia Prada. For example, for this look, you will need a park jacket from a Voentorg, a hat from a souvenir shop in Sevastopol, a mother’s skirt in a cage, socks from the “Children's World” and shoes with gold buckles that you put away in a cupboard after the prom.

Prada, autumn-winter 2016/2017

Striped flight from Max Mara

The updated Max Mara looks fun and rosy against the background of the stiff Milan “colleagues”: leather things have become more interesting, knitwear is bolder, and the color scheme is brighter. All signs of "rejuvenation" of the brand is obvious!

Max Mara, autumn-winter 2016/2017

Sentimental punk from no. 21

Everything was confused by No. 21: and the 30s, and punk rock, and romanticism, - and in general, the work that designer Alessandro del Aqua continues is becoming more and more like a mixture of Prada and Saint Laurent, as if Miuccia Prada and Edie Slimane would gather for one table and made one collection together.

No. 21, autumn-winter 2016/2017

New dream shoes from Fausto Puglisi

Fausto Puglisi fulfilled our desire on the topic of new fetish shoes, which will replace the jackboots, and here's the result - sandals that end in the middle of the thigh and which need to be fixed 15 minutes before hiring the house or hiring an assistant.

Fausto Puglisi, autumn-winter 2016/2017

Full of fashion from House of Holland

This outfit is a nightmare for fashion journalists who are still promoting the idea that a horizontal strip is fattening and that pink cannot be worn with red. Here you will find red lace, tiger fur, glitter pantyhose, sparkling shoes and underwear for show - such is the Molotov cocktail in the garden of fashionable cliches.

House of Holland, autumn-winter 2016/2017

Coat-plaid from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Vivienne Westwood in this collection is unexpectedly modest - there are minimum absurdities in the collection, and makeup is completely neutral (Red Label shows are famous for their extraordinary visage), but still we were able to select one kitsch thing - is it a coat (is it a blanket?) From the material illustrating a computer patchwork.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label, autumn-winter 2016/2017

Harsh sexuality from Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh invented a suit for a female dominatrix, adding to him a share of Italian elegance that needs to be used urgently on the set of some futuristic film about that glorious era when women will finally rule the world.

Gareth Pugh, autumn-winter 2016/2017

Colorful afro by Ashish

This year Ashish, a specialist in sequins and avant-garde festive style, has signed up as a costume designer for Rihanna: every second image is shiny oversize pajamas, and every first one is a mini dress or skirt-top, resembling outfits from the Brazilian carnival.

Ashish, autumn-winter 2016/2017

21st Century Young Peasant Woman by Christopher Kane

There is so much Russian in this image that it even makes you feel good: our favorite transparent fabrics with a romantic openwork pattern, a coat of gray mink, and a handbag exactly in tone, and a kerchief with which Christopher Kane for some reason "made a bad bar" and made her conventional polyethylene.

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