10 most interesting films about werewolves

Who are the werewolves? We all know this only thanks to the movie. And what movies are worth watching to get a complete picture of these unusual and sometimes scary creatures?

So, we represent the top 10 best films about werewolves:

  1. "Wolf". It all started with the fact that one night Will Randall accidentally knocked a wolf. He tried to help the beast, but he bit it and disappeared. Wounds strangely dragged on in just a few days. And Will noticed other unusual phenomena: his feelings became aggravated, he began to hear, see, define smells better. The man became more determined and almost stopped being afraid. And all this in the business that leads Randall, will certainly come in handy, so the hero is not frightened at all, and was even happy about the changes. But the joy was short-lived, because soon at night the hero began to turn into a dangerous and cruel beast. Now he leads a double life: during the day he continues to make profits and make successful transactions, and at night he goes hunting and kills people.But it starts to bother him, because he is impunity and cruel, and it is more difficult to restrain the beast.
  2. Worth seeing and quite old movie“American Werewolf in Paris”. Friends Brad, Chris and Andy travel around Europe in search of new experiences. And they are surely provided for them, because in the underground tunnels of Paris a clan of werewolves is raging, which is about to take over the city. One day Andy saves from death a beautiful stranger Serafin, who decided to commit suicide. She is hiding, and the hero, captivated by her beauty, decides to find a girl with her friends. But it turned out that Serafin is a werewolf, and she is held captive by the head of Clan Claude. And now Andy must find a vaccine that will help make Serafin a man again and save her from eternal imprisonment. But the hero understands that he was bitten by a werewolf, and now he will have to fight a dangerous creature inside of him.
  3. "Van Helsing". Far in the Carpathians is the forgotten and strange country of Transylvania. Here evil is almost everywhere, and after sunset it is better to hide better, so as not to become someone's victim. Here the monsters, which many are so afraid of, are real.And it is here that the famous monster hunter Van Helsing comes, who is assisted by the Vatican. He receives a dangerous task and must confront Count Dracula, driving all the peaceful inhabitants of Transylvania mad. And here he meets the beautiful Anna Valerie, who once lost her brother through the fault of Dracula and now protects the city. To help them comes Frankenstein. Together, they will be able to resist evil, but Van Helsing, bitten by a werewolf, understands that irreversible changes begin in his body, and they are very dangerous for him and others.
  4. "The Wolfman". Events unfold in the UK. The main character comes here, to his homeland from America, to find here a long-lost brother. He learns that cruel murders are taking place in the country. The investigation is undertaken by the Scotland Yard police, and soon a man who came to look for his brother is under suspicion. But in fact, the killer was more dangerous. After all, he is a werewolf.
  5. "Werewolves"- also quite an interesting film. In his story, Brother and Sister Jimmy and Ellie are in an accident, seeing on the road a strange beast. Through their fault, another car rolled over.In it was a woman, who after the incident attacked the most incomprehensible beast. The heroes themselves almost did not suffer and received only a few scratches and non-serious bruises. But still the accident led to some consequences. Ellie and Jimmy begin to notice that something is wrong with their bodies: sometimes they acquire unusual and even frightening forms. And all the sensations became sharper and brighter. People around are showing genuine interest in this couple, acquaintances notice changes, and dogs rush at them. And then the heroes remember some details of that ill-fated accident, and realize that now they are different. And like them in the city.
  6. "Silver bullet". The film was released back in 1985, but it is scary and will interest the most avid moviegoers. It became dangerous to live in a small American town, and all its inhabitants are horrified: with a full moon at night, someone atrocious kills citizens. And the killer is definitely not human. His body is covered with wool, and he is almost elusive and very strong. A group of volunteers is sent in search, and soon they all end up being the victims of the creature. But everyone thinks that a maniac is wielding here, and only a 13-year-old Marty who is confined to a wheelchair is almost certain that the killer is nothing but a werewolf.And this means that conventional weapons will not help destroy them. It can only go with silver bullets. It turns out that this teenager not only saw the creature, but even wounded him in the eye, but no one believes these stories except Uncle Red. Meanwhile, the killings continue, and we must act decisively.
  7. "Werewolf". Sisters Bridgette and Ginger have fun as they can. And one of their favorite entertainment is the shooting of horror films, for which the girls do not regret the blood-red paint. Once Ginger leaves the house at night to shoot a series of the next nightmarish movie. But suddenly a strange creature attacks the girl. Ginger manages to save, but the beast managed to bite her. Sister helps hide bites so that parents do not suspect anything. And the wounds disappear surprisingly quickly, but this is only the first sign that something is wrong. Ginger notices that something frightening and incomprehensible is happening to her. And only then did the sisters realize that now the real nightmare would begin, and the real one, and not the real one, which was filmed.
  8. "Howl". This horror film is quite old (it was released in the 80th year of the last century), but, nevertheless, it deserves your attention.The city shudders with horror, because many women have been killed. Maniac is almost known, but it is still impossible to arrest him, there is no evidence and evidence. A young journalist Karen White agrees to a date with a criminal named Eddie to help the police finally capture him. But at the meeting, Eddie suddenly turns into a terrible creature - a real werewolf. The police are killing him, but Karen is so scared that the psychologist advises her to go to a gated community in order to bring her thoughts in order, relax and forget about what she saw. White agrees, but gradually she realizes that something strange is happening around her. And others may not be who they are.
  9. "Dogs-Warriors". This film is also included in the list, as it will bring a lot of impressions, and not the most pleasant ones. A group of British soldiers led by Sergeant Wells goes to the wild Scottish forests for exercise. But the most common task will soon turn into a real nightmare for everyone. When the squad arrived at the secret base, a seriously wounded captain Ryan was found on it, as well as the bloodied remains of all his subordinates. What happened here? This is to be found out to the soldiers.
  10. "Sister werewolf". Bridget experiences the death of her sister Jennifer bitten by a werewolf. The heroine did everything possible and impossible, tried all the existing means to bring Jennifer back to life, but it was all in vain. Bridget has to accept the loss, but the events will still be felt, so forget them will not work. She begins to notice strange changes in herself: often there are attacks of animal and wild anger, and hair appears on the body. The heroine realizes that she has become infected by her sister and is about to turn into a dangerous and cruel monster. The only remedy that could help a girl only slows down the conversion process. And Bridget is no longer able to restrain a werewolf in himself, he gradually breaks out, and this is very dangerous for everyone around him.

Have you watched any of these films?

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