10 most interesting films about teachers

The teacher is a necessary, important and difficult profession. Its representatives deserve respect. And to learn about teachers a little more, watch interesting films about them!

Top 10 best movies about teachers:

  1. "Society of Dead Poets". John Keating becomes a professor of literature at a prestigious American college. There are traditional rules, and many teachers adhere to classical methods in their work. And that is why modern students gradually lose their desire for knowledge, perceiving their studies as a routine and duty. But John can change everything, because he is easy to communicate, there is a spark in him that can arouse interest in adolescents and show them that learning is not boring at all. And once the teacher decides to organize a secret circle - "Society of dead poets." Its participants will have the opportunity not only to discover the love of poetry, but also to feel the thirst for life, to enjoy it and see the world, to find out what is behind the fence of the college.And it is incredibly exciting and interesting!
  2. "Very bad teacher". This is a little crazy American comedy, but it is also on the list. Yes, there are teachers like the main character, Elizabeth. She comes to work at the school, but is definitely not going to study at the students, so almost every lesson includes films for them and falls asleep at her desk. And, of course, students get the lowest marks. But Elizabeth is not up to it. She leads an active nightlife, wants to marry a rich man and increase the chest. And she drinks, obscenely expressed and smokes weed. But after a wealthy boyfriend left her and threw her out, she was forced to radically change her lifestyle. But a new teacher comes to school to work. He is young and pretty, and his parents have a big business. And then a very bad teacher starts to hunt for this handsome man and his money.
  3. "Chorists". Events unfold in 1949 in France. Music teacher Clement Mathieu can not find a job and therefore gets a job at a boarding school for difficult teenagers. Work is not easy, Clement will face many difficulties.And one of them is the rector of the institution Roshan. He uses harsh and even cruel methods of educating students, from which they are only more angry with the whole world. And then Mathieu decides to intervene and change the rules in force at the boarding school. But he cannot openly oppose the leadership, because he can be fired. And then he goes in a roundabout way: organizing the choir. But singing is not the most important task. Clement will do everything to better know his pupils and help them cope with the problems.
  4. "Big change". A young but talented and promising teacher Nestor Severov after a failed graduate school exam comes to work at night school and becomes the class teacher of the 9th “A”. It would seem that working with adults is much easier than with children. But Nestor Petrovich could not even think that "big kids are big bucks." One student needs to urgently feed the baby, another student really wants to leave classes and go to the dance, and the third one does get to the police. Nestor has to start to break into the problems of his charges and literally live their worries. But soon Severs will get used to this rhythm of life and even begin to find time for scientific work and other more enjoyable and interesting activities.
  5. "Teacher for the change". Henry Barth does not belong to the category of teachers from God who are willing to devote all their time to work and give themselves to students without a trace. On the contrary, he does not want to become attached to children, and therefore works as a substitute teacher: he leaves instead of sick or resigned teachers. One day, Henry enters a dysfunctional school. His new colleagues, tired of the rudeness and malice of students, cope with stress in different ways: someone as much as possible is removed, someone closes in himself, and someone uses alcohol. But is it really impossible to understand these unfortunate children and to help them? Can't adults change their lives? Henry realizes that this time he cannot stand aside and just observe everything that happens.
  6. "Triumph: The Story of Ron Clark". This film is worth watching at least to make sure that the famous comedian Matthew Perry can play not only comedic roles. Ron Clark is a schoolteacher. He worked in a provincial school in a small town in North Carolina, but decided to leave his homeland and move to New York to build a career there. But the new class is not very friendly, and, in general, the metropolis did not at first accept Ron.But he is determined and wants to test innovative methods on students that should help children cope with their problems and find themselves. Gradually, students begin to strive for knowledge and open up to a new teacher. By the way, the picture is based on real events. And Ron Clark is a very real person.
  7. "Teacher of the Year."A new teacher arrives at Folbourk. Michael Di Angelo, whom everyone calls Mr. Dee. He is ambitious, cheerful, creative, cheerful, modern and purposeful. His students and teachers love him, but there is one person whom Michael’s presence does not at all please. This is Matt Warner, who dreams of the “Teacher of the Year” award, which his recently deceased father received for forty years in a row. Mat is a pedant; he adheres to traditional and long-obsolete views. But this may not help him get the desired prize, because now the favorite of the whole school, Mr. Dee, is becoming one of the first applicants for it. And Warner declares a real war to Michael. But Dee has a secret that will make everyone look at him differently. Rivals will get the most important lesson in their lives and make up.
  8. "Last lesson"- this is not quite ordinary, but a very interesting film about teachers, which will allow you to look at them from the other side and understand how hard they sometimes have to. Young Sonya Bergerac gets a job at school. But she represented this profession quite different. Sonia is forced to work with children from dysfunctional families who do not stint on bullying and even threats against her teacher. The heroine is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but the school’s management does not pay any attention to it. During the next lesson, a scuffle begins with the participation of the leader of the school gang, and Sonya manages to get hold of a real gun. Desperate, she shoots, but in the air. Frightened children are forced to quiet down and begin to teach Moliere. The group of capture is already waiting outside, but the teacher during her last lesson will try to find out where the students have so much anger and anger towards the whole world.
  9. "Writers of Freedom". The film is based on real events. Young Erin Gruel is quite happy. She lives in a cozy house in a prestigious area, her husband loves her, and very soon the girl will come to a new job, from which she is expecting a lot.She believes that by becoming a teacher in a local school, she will gain invaluable experience and learn to communicate with children. But Erin’s plans collapsed when she realized who she was to work with. In the classroom trusted by Gruyel, teenagers from a very dangerous area study. They are cruel, withdrawn and angry. For them, theft and fights are a daily routine. She also believes that she should help the students. But students are hostile and openly show that they themselves know how to live. Erin understands that there is a difficult and long job ahead, but she has unusual methods that she intends to apply.
  10. "Mona Lisa's smile". In 1953 in America there was an open struggle of women for their rights. And during this period, the young Catherine Ann Watson works as a teacher at the Wellesley College. But her views differ from the views of most colleagues. If they are in favor of patriarchy and believe that women should be exceptionally diligent wives and mothers, then Catherine is confident that the representatives of the weaker sex can also achieve a lot and go on a par with men. The teacher begins an open struggle for equality and thereby changes the views of some students, including Joanne and Betty.But communication will change not only the girls, but Catherine herself. Much of rethinking, they will be able to find their place in life.
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