10 most interesting detectives

Detective films for many are the most favorite. And some of them are really worth watching.

Top 10 most interesting detective films:

1. "Seven". The detective of the old school and literally a veteran of the criminal investigation department, William Somerset, has been working for the last days in the police and wants to leave the city for a quiet place and begin a quiet measured life. But literally a week before the long-awaited retirement, two troubles immediately fall on his head: an especially cruel murder and a young and ambitious partner Mills.

Somerset does not want to get down to business, but understands perfectly well that the second should follow the first crime. He is not mistaken, as it begins literally a series of murders. Detectives trace the maniac’s handwriting and understand that all the victims were killed for deadly sins. The partners begin the investigation and are getting closer. The case is dangerous and complex, but the solution is already on the horizon.

2. "Island of the Damned". Events unfold in 1945.Federal Marshal of America Teddy Daniels and his team-mate Chuck Oull go to the island-fortress, in which they hold insane dangerous criminals. From the closed chamber, the murderer of her children, Rachel Solando, escaped, and she must be found.

The Marshal is trying to find out what happened, but he is tormented by strange dreams, which are sometimes so realistic that they seem plausible. Teddy and Chuck face lies, prisoners' riot and intrigue. And when the marshal decides to leave, it turns out that this is impossible. Then Teddy continues the investigation, finds Rachel and finds out that the prisoners are being cruelly experimented. But is it true? Or just a game of imagination?

3. "Remember". The main character of the film, Leonard Shelby, is a guy who wears expensive clothes and drives an expensive car. But at the same time he stops in the rooms of cheap hotels. Shelby suffers from a rare form of amnesia. He does not remember what happened to him a few minutes ago, but well remembers the events that happened to him before his wife died.

Previously, he worked in an insurance company and knew a guy with the same disease, but did not believe him, and now he lives literally in one instant. The main goal of Shelby - to find the killer of his wife and revenge.

He is helped by a camera, notes and tattoos, each of which reminds you what the guy managed to find out. Leonard manages to find friends, but are they really so? It's so easy to deceive a person who remembers nothing.

4. "Dizziness"- the film of the legendary Alfred Kitchkok. Experienced detective John Ferguson after many years of work in the police forced to leave the service because of fear of the height that appeared after the tragic death of his partner and friend. But John decides to become a private detective. The first case is entrusted to him by an old acquaintance Gavin Elster, who believes that his wife is clouding his mind.

Ferguson begins to follow Madeline, but does not yet suspect what he is getting into. A woman is obsessed with suicidal thoughts and tries hard to die. Once Madeleine rushes into the river, but John manages to save her. Suddenly, a novel breaks out between them, but there will definitely not be a happy end to this story. Love will bring Ferguson to a psychiatric clinic and greatly complicate his life.

5. “justified cruelty”. The main character of the film Tom Soul - the most common American and the right family man,who by chance and unexpectedly becomes a real hero in the small town of Millbrook, in which he lives with his wife and two children.

When gangsters rush into his diner, he kills them. Everyone is happy and considers Tom a savior, but suddenly he is visited by strange people who for some reason call a man by another name and ask him what he doesn’t know or remember. But what really lurks in Tom's head? What hides his memory? Who was Soul before?

6. “Oldboy”- This is a remake of the cult film of the same name, shot by Korean director Pak Chhan Uk. The main character is a simple advertiser Joe, who fails another deal, gets very drunk, starts to behave extremely defiantly and is forgotten. The next morning, he finds himself in a hotel room with no windows, but there is a bathroom and a TV.

Every day, through a small window, Joe is given vodka and dumplings. The hero cannot escape or commit suicide, he is constantly being watched. One day, he sees a news release reporting the death of his ex-wife and the transfer of his daughter to another family.Twenty years later, the man suddenly becomes free and decides to find out where and through whose fault he has been in all these many years. He finds out that he was kept in a private prison. But who needed it and why?

7. "The secret in his eyes". Judicial Adviser Benjamin Esposito recently retired and decided to write a novel based on his memories of a story that once literally changed his life. In 1974 (25 years ago), Esposito began investigating the murder of a woman who was found raped and murdered in her home.

At the request of the victim's spouse, he, along with an experienced colleague Pablo Sandoval and the new head of the department, goes in search of the killer. It turns out that the court is trying to put the case on innocent people. Benhamin is trying to attack the trail of these killers and soon realizes that the investigation will change his life.

8. "Loft". In the story, five friends decide to jointly rent a luxury apartment in order to bring lovers there and engage in secret affairs. This is very convenient, because no one will suspect men of treason. But such an idyll is broken when the body of a naked, murdered woman is found in an apartment.

Heroes are beginning to be suspected of killing each other, because no one else has the keys to the loft, and there is no evidence of breaking the door. In addition, it turns out that the sacrifice of some of the friends was known. Everyone is trying to figure out what happened last night in the ill-fated apartment. And in the course of this investigation all skeletons are found in the closet.

9. Window to the courtyard- Another old, but still beloved by many masterpiece of Alfred Hitchcock. The protagonist is a simple photo reporter who is chained to a wheelchair due to a leg injury. From boredom, he decides to observe the inhabitants of the house opposite, whose windows overlook the courtyard.

The life of the neighbors is very interesting, and soon the reporter notices something strange in one of the apartments. He begins to suspect a man of the murder of his wife. But did this murder really happen? Or is the main character wrong or succumbed to his fantasies?

10. "Before I fall asleep". The main character of the film, Christine, wakes up in an unfamiliar room next to an unknown man. But he calls her wife and shows photos that prove it. It turns out that in a serious accident, Kristin was injured, provoking amnesia.

As a result, she falls asleep from forgetting everything that happened to her.A girl has to restore her life every day, remembering her separate fragments. She is assisted by a doctor who promises to bring back important memories. Every morning he calls her and asks to find a camera on which Christine records everything she found during the day. And every day she learns more and more frightening details.

These were the most interesting films in the genre of detective.

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