10 most beautiful actresses from Russia

To the film became a box-office champion, he must have an interesting story, good director's work and a star group of actors. Sometimes we agree to watch another motion picture just because a favorite actor is being filmed there. We are sure that men never remain indifferent to the tapes in which the participants of our rating play. After all, this is a harmonious combination of talent and beauty. Here are the top 10 most charming actresses of Russia.

Most attractive

1. Christina Asmus. Conquered everyone with her role as shy and trusting Vari Chernous in the TV series Interns. The dream to become an actress appeared in her after the little Christina saw the series "Wild Angel" with Natalia Oreiro in the title role. Notable for its brisk nature, Asmus went to study at the Moscow Art Theater, but six months later she was dismissed because she did not have a special talent.

Having left for her native city, she worked at the Theater of the Young Spectator and two years later she again went to obtain acting knowledge, this time in the Schepkinsky School. After a successful graduation, the girl was invited to take pictures.To date, Christina has managed to play in many films, among which "Zolushka", "Christmas Trees", "Doubler".

In 2010, Maxim magazine awarded her the title of the sexiest woman in Russia.

2. Elena Korikova.After filming in the series "Poor Nastya" Elena became one of the most desirable women among men. She often acted in the clips of famous Russian artists and even managed to work in the US as a model. It is difficult to imagine that the beautiful Korikova is already over 40. Elena often plays in the Sovremennik Theater, where she herself was invited by Galina Volchek, and also actively participates in many television projects (Circus with the Stars, Two Stars).

3. Maria Berseneva.Maria went to her dream in a long and difficult way. At the age of 12, the girl entered the Lyceum at the GITIS, then she studied at the institute. After completing her studies, Berseneva began to try herself as a model, but quickly realized that this work was not at all her dream. A beautiful girl, although it was noticed by many directors, but still played only episodic roles for a long time.

Everything changed after the release of the TV series "Margosha", the proposals for the shooting began to literally fall on Mary.She accepted the offers and played in such films as “Bablo”, “The Three Musketeers”, and also tried herself as a TV presenter. To date, Berseneva actively removed, and, having been married twice, do not mind to do it for the third time. But I have not found a suitable candidate yet.

4. Svetlana Khodchenkova.Her debut as an actress took place in the film Bless a Woman. As a teenager, she graduated from the Vyacheslav Zaitsev model school and worked as a model for some time. Try yourself in acting skills Svetlana decided by chance, going to study at the Shchukin School.

Already in the first year, she was noticed by the famous director Stanislav Govorukhin, who proposed the main role in “Bless the Woman”. The work turned out to be difficult, but Khodchenkova endured, for which fate rewarded her with extraordinary popularity.

Afterwards there were pictures “Love in the big city”, “Office romance: our time”, “Five brides” and even the blockbuster “Wolverine: Immortal”, after which they learned about the gorgeous actress from Russia all over the world.

5. Ekaterina Klimova.Glory came to her after the TV series "Poor Nastya." Many film critics said that she even eclipsed Elena Korikova with her game.From the proposals there was no end, Katerina managed to play in the TV series "Sins of Fathers" and "Kamenskaya", fell in love with Klimova and after two parts of the film "We are from the future." This was followed by the film "Antikiller", where the actress played a major role.

With her husband, Igor Petrenko, Katerina was considered an ideal married couple, but after 10 years of marriage, the relationship broke down and the couple broke up. The actress did not stay alone for long, and soon married her colleague Gela Meshu, giving birth to his daughter Bella.

6. Maria Kozhevnikova. Having quite good vocal abilities, Maria began her career as a soloist of the “Love Stories” group, while at the same time studying at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. The real glory came to her after the proposal to appear in the youth series "Univer" in the role of the close Allochka.

After that, there were roles in the series “Kremlin cadets”, “Sklifosofsky” and many other famous films. In 2014 Kozhevnikova got on the list of the 100 most influential women in Russia for her active social and political activities.

7. Ekaterina Guseva.The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the name of this actress is the sensational series “The Brigade”, where Guseva was entrusted with the role of the wife of the main bandit Sasha Bely.At the dawn of her career, a bright and talented girl was invited to participate in the musical “Nord-Ost”, for which she specifically took lessons in vocal. After a long work, Katya became a member of the Moscow Soviet theater troupe, which she still consists of.

Recently, Guseva has become noticeable on the screens not only due to her role in films, but also through participation in various TV projects. So, in 2006, the girl skillfully and gracefully performed in a pair with the famous figure skater Romanov Kostomarov in Stars on Ice.

She didn’t miss Gusev’s opportunity to show her more intimate scenes to her fans, starring in Maxim magazine.

8. Anna Kovalchuk.After school she was going to study cybernetics and devote herself to science. But for the sake of a joke, she agreed to support her friend when she enrolled in the theatrical college, where she was not immediately taken on, but she was recognized, and agreed to give a second chance. From the second attempt, Anna was accepted into the institute of the theater, during her studies in which she managed to play many roles in the performances of the Alexandrinsky Theater.

In the cinema, Kovalchuk made her debut in the film “Love of Evil”.The real popularity surged over the actress after a role in the TV series "Secrets of the investigation", which was released in 2001. But the really bright moment of the career was the invitation to play in the film version of the mystical and mysterious novel Master and Margarita. For this role, Anna received the title for "Best Actress" at the film festival "Viva Cinema".

9. Elizabeth Boyarskaya.Parents did not believe that Liza could develop a career as an actress. And the girl herself refused to believe it, intending to become a PR-manager. Her first role was rather peculiar, the addict girl from among the “golden youth” had to play, and although everything went well, Boyarskaya did not change her opinion - she does not want to go to the movies.

But already before the entrance exams for the journalism department, the girl suddenly changed her mind and went to submit documents to the State Academy of Theatrical Arts in St. Petersburg. Among the films with her participation appear: the military drama "I will return", the new year's film "The irony of fate. Continuation "," Admiral "and many others.

10. Marina Alexandrova.This beautiful girl with a bright appearance already in her teens knew that she wanted to shine on the screens.After the 9th grade, she began her studies in a drama school at one of the TV channels, taking part in various shootings. After school I went to conquer Moscow and entered the Shchukin School. Already in her first year, she was offered a role in the film “Northern Lights”, but Marina became popular after participating in the filming of the Azazel series.

After participating in the Last Hero project, the actress was filled up with job offers. She starred in the military drama “The Last Armored Train”, the Polish film “When the Sun was God, as well as several TV shows.

Alexandrova began to arouse particular interest in the audience when she was spotted in the company of Alexander Domogarova, with whom they lived for several years (see photo). After that, there were novels and even another marriage, but it was not easy to get along with the actress, and now Marina is waiting for the real beautiful prince.

Beautiful, famous and successful - all this is about them, the actresses of Russian cinema, they shine on the red carpet and delight their fans with the next successful roles.

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