10 Ideas for Sober Dating

Bike ride

At your disposal all the parks of the city - from urbanized like Gorky Park and VDNH to forest, like the "Elk Island" or Izmailovsky Park. Depending on how much you like this kind of sports leisure, you can offer your chosen one a short walk along the embankment with a lunch break in some cafe or a serious ride through the most often forests with a romantic picnic among pines.

"Culinary battle"

If this is not your first date, then you know exactly what kind of signature dish he can cook. Offer him to arrange the preparation of lunch or dinner (or, as is now fashionable, brunch) at home, dividing responsibilities: for example, he prepares the main dish, and you - a salad or dessert. In this scenario, one asks for a bottle of good wine, but since it’s summer outside, it can be “painlessly” replaced with a light homemade lemonade.

10 Ideas for Sober Dating

Boat trip

Just do not confuse with the lazy cruising on the Moscow River (although this is also an option, why not?) - this should be a real sea yachtand you as part of her team do not sit idle on the board, and learn how to properly go to the drift and that the boom is a part of the mast, and not a high-tech enthusiast. At the same time and check a man in extreme conditions for stress and seasickness.

Joint run

Cheap, cheerful and sporty. You need no prior preparation, you do not need to reserve and pay for anything, and even cosmetics are not needed. A good way to spend time with each other is relaxed, with benefit and without straining, and at the same time find out what mood it is at eight in the morning and what cardio-loads it can withstand.

Excursion out of town

The easiest option is by car somewhere to visit the estate of a famous Russian writer. More complicated and not so autonomous - book yourself a full tour with a group and learn more about the history of the place. In addition to the fact that it will be an intellectual meeting, you will also understand whether your companion has missed many lessons in school years and whether the books were left immediately after the graduation.

10 Ideas for Sober Dating

Joint swim

Summer passes so quickly that it is a sin not to take advantage of it.Just carefully approach the choice of the beach, interview friends and connect to the Internet to find a romantic place without fires, trash and crazy drunken summer residents on the shore. If the weather for bathing is not set, then rent a boat in the best traditions of Hollywood melodramas.

Master Class...

For samba, making sushi or getting to know Feng Shui - feel free to choose a theme to your taste (only within reasonable limits), and at the same time check how easy it is to lift and be flexible with regard to other people's tastes and hobbies. And do not forget to celebrate the successful results of a hearty dinner (and if this is a cooking course, then cooked yourself).

... or lecture

It is said that people who know how to work together are able and have fun together. No, we do not offer you to drag him to your office on Monday, but why not give him an idea of ​​not just an entertaining, but an educational date? If your partner is extremely surprised, ask him to choose the subject himself - art, architecture, design, history, culture, travel.

Fascinating games

It all depends on your temperament and on how much the weather will tend to home treatment.Again, this can be both a date in private, and an evening with friends (by the way, an excellent occasion to introduce the elect to your social circle), and you can play scrabble in the kitchen, paintball in the countryside or in some difficult urban environment. Quest with questions and riddles.

10 Ideas for Sober Dating

Music Festival

In June and July there are so many of them in the capital that you will have a huge choice. Find out what kind of music he is listening to, and throw off links to several musical events - from huge parks festivals to cozy acoustic concerts. The variant with the concert will be more romantic, but in addition to music, you will also take part in tastings of various dishes and drinks (by the way, most of the last ones are non-alcoholic at such events).

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